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Reviews of Ghosh’s Classics: Top 3

Author Shreya Dutta

Rituparno Ghosh is a renowned name in the Bengali as well as Indian film industry. The cinema critics who claimed after the death and retirement of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen consecutively, Bengali Cinema had lost its ornaments and pride – they proved wrong when Rituparno Ghosh stepped into the Bengali Film Industry, one of the primeval film industries in India. As a director, he not only brought about its revival but also became the person who harbingered the modern Renaissance in Bengali movie theatre.

Ghosh, made his first debut as a director in his feature film Hirer Angti (1992), adapted from a novel written by popular Bengali writer Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. Since his arrival as a filmmaker, his journey from Hirer Angti (1992) to his last film Satyanweshi (2013), he made an astonishing progress in the reconnaissance of the movie platform. He won eleven national awards in his entire movie career and especially noted for his work in the movies like Unishe April, Dahan, Raincoat, The Last Lear, Abohoman, Chokher Bali etc.

Review of Ghosh’s Top 3 Cinemas

Dahan (Combustion)

Directed and screen played by Ghosh, Dahan is built on the excruciating experience of sexual harassment faced by a woman in the narrow streets of Kolkata and the ensuing legal and familial battles she fought to secure her justice. Released in 1997, the film won two national awards. One for the National Film Award for Best Actress (1998) shared by Indrani Halder and Rituparna Sengupta and another for the best screenplay won by the director himself. In Dahan, as a filmmaker, Ghosh portrayed the cheap mentalities of certain middle-class people at that time and delivered the proper message of feminism successfully.


Raincoat (2004)

Raincoat Rituporno Ghosh Director Tollywood

Starred by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ajay Devgn, the movie Raincoat is filled with tragedy and despair for one man who loved his childhood sweetheart for several years but couldn’t do anything for her marriage to another embarks. Having an intriguing story plot, intense emotion and the special touch of Ghosh as a director, gave the film National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. This film is a basically a character study of the two delinquent lives enacting for one another’s benefit. But sadly, the tales of these two in the movie is so interweaved that one could feel pity for both of them. And there lies the success of Ghosh’s sensitivity.

The Last Lear (2007)

A combination of two legends in their field, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, and Rituparno Ghosh, this English language film is based on Utpal Dutt’s semiautobiographical play Aajker Shahjahan. Penned by Ghosh, the movie won two National Film Awards for Best Feature Film in English and for Best Supporting Actress (Shefali Shah). Having an interesting storyline, every character in this movie is sketched as a person who is striving in their own life. Although the movie was criticized in several different aspects, but still the movie critics are agreed in one thing – this was the masterpiece among all the Bacchan’s work.

Ghosh is no more now. But others have initiated their journey from where he ended.


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