Cockpit Review


Shreya Dutta 


There has been an increasing inclination of the audience towards the movies portraying real life incidents on the white canvas, to feed this craze the Cockpit movie comes with a much exciting plot where the story majorly follows as the pilot Captain Dibyendu Rakshit (played by Dev) strives with all his sweat and blood to land the plane which is destined towards Calcutta from Mumbai that unfortunately gets hit from bad turbulent weather and, as a result of which, suffers from damaged engines. The film highlights the series of emotions and thought to go on alongside. Like the pilot each one of them struggling with their personal wars and responsibility conflicts, it is a tale that narrates the heroic actions amidst the dilemma of desires and duties.

The conclusion of the movie in such scenario is the most anticipated one which will be only revealed on Puja 2017.


The power packed performances in the lead by Dev (@idevadhikari)as Captain Dibyendu Rakshit, Koel Mallick(@YourKoel) as Riya Rakshit(the wife of the pilot), Rukmini Maitra(@RukminiMaitra) as Kriti Sachdev (an airline hostess on the flight) are clearly visible in the trailer itself alongside other prominent actors in minor roles as Prosenjit Chatterjee and Paran Bandopadhyay.


One of the leading music directors of Tollywood, Arindom Chatterjee(@ArinArindom), has again proved his standards once again in the movie with the partnership of soul drenching voices of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh.


Kamaleswar Mukherjee(@AmiKamaleswar) who gained wide acclamation for his noteworthy directorial in Chander Pahar and Meghe Dhaka Tara, he is all set to glimmer his art in films after collaborating for the second time with Dev.


Dev’s second home production movie after the success Champ is raising bars real high.


Editor Rabiranjan Maitra deserves a worthy mention as what is an art without its final cuts and touches to produce a finished mesmerizing effect.

Missing out on such a treat must be the last option, so am setting up my phone’s reminder to Puja 2017 in order to not allow any failure in watching such an intense drama, and I would definitely suggest you to the same.


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