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Churni Ganguly – A Tribute

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Kurseong – born Churni Ganguly is a famous actress of the Bengali film industry. She took up acting as a profession in the early 2004 and has not looked back since. She not only directed and acted in films, but also decided to work in television serials. However irrespective of the party she treads, game and success just seems to follow her everywhere.

Personal Life 

Born Churni Banerjee, she spent all her childhood in Kurseong. She did her schooling from the Dow Hills boarding school, her parents were teachers themselves. However, disregarding the “boarding” part of the school, Churni and a few of her friends were permitted to stay at homes with their own parents. Her father, who was “extremely caring but a rather serious person” in her own words did want her to do excel in academics as well as sports. She was quite a good student academically, but she never really cared for sports. She then moved to Kolkata and started studying at Jadavpur University. It was here that she met the love of her life – acting. In 1987, she started a theatre group with a few friends, and so began her acting career.


Interestingly, it was here that she met her future husband Kaushik Ganguly, who helped co – found the theatre group. Kaushik is a Bengali film director now, and they have a son – Ujaan Ganguly.

Professional Career 

From 2002 to 2004, Churni Ganguly shifted to and started in Mumbai. She used to act in Zee TV’s first daily soap called Raahat. She also played a part in the film called Chhotisi Asha where she had to play the role of a middle aged mother who had agreed to around the mid – sixties. However, she then decided to come back to Kolkata and here she joined the Bengali Film Industry. She made her Bengali debut with her role in the film Waarish. Her acting was largely appreciated and praised but the movie was not quite a box office success. Since then she moved on to directing films with her famous movie Nirbashito and then made quite a few successful pieces of art. She has also played roles in serials of the Bengali telecom and was successful there too.

Best films

The most successful films of which she was a part include Roop, Ushno-tar Jonyo, Bhalobashar Kotha and Promotion, to name a few. She also played roles in Bandhan for Star Jalsha, Hridayer Chorabali and Debi by Zee Bangla, and they turned out to be successful for her too.


ChurniGanguly has been a regular recipient of awards and she has consistently been on the stage from the beginning of her career and is still coming her place with every movie, every act and every appearance. She was the recipient of the famous Kalakar Awards, and was presented with the Onida Pinnacle Award, for the Best Actress. This was one of her notable national awards. Right after she kick started her career, in 2005, she received the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards, that to in the category of the Best Actress, for her outstanding performance in the film, Waarish. Last but not the least, in 2015, she directed the film Nirbashito which won not only the Best Bengali Film Award, but also the Sound Designer Trophy at the 62nd National Awards.


All around the globe major film industries have seen the riser of actresses who have made a clear mark, who have etched in their names forever. And this is not just because of their striking beauty and grace, but because of their confidence and style. Churni Ganguly is no exception to this – a woman of substance as she is, her works have always been leaving us thinking and smiling.

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